What do schools need to do to help parents to teach children?

I just read this:

Parental load theory

I really recommend reading it. It is an intelligent and pedagogically sound response to education (esp primary) at the moment. I’d be really interested to hear what others think.

– how much can parents do/ how much time can we give to educate our children whilst simultaneously working from home?

– what are the good things coming from school?

– what school-set work increases stress and parental load?

– where, when and how does learning take place at the moment?

I have to agree with Becky Allen on the use of workbooks. We are using them for maths and English instead of the piece-meal work from school which is often twinkl worksheets. They are not very expensive, but obviously any expense at the moment is tricky. I also like apps like Times Tables Rockstar. My two have been getting stuck in to scratch coding on the app too. The key thing about all of these resources is that they were originally designed, with great thought and investment, to be accessible to children working solo. We need more of that.

Becky Allen is also right that now is a very good time to review ‘old’ learning – do we need to press on with acquiring new knowledge and skills? I think Primary teachers should be freed from the expectation to continue to deliver the curriculum as they would at school.

Finally, we need to reduce the admin load. I cannot repeatedly check google classroom, print dozens of worksheets, carefully read and process instructions and then explain them to my child. It is impossible. If we are going to be remote schooling for a long time (with children on a rota for the days they can attend school) then we need a simple, direct approach.

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